New Build Pre-Close Inspection

You may ask yourself, "My home is going to be new with the builder's warranty, why should I get a 3rd party Home Inspector"? Yes, you should be able to rely on a new home and its warranty but the fact of the matter is, most big problems go undetected....until it's too late! The builder will make a big case for you not needing a 3rd party Home really, why do you think this is?

Your next thought may be, "But my home will be inspected by the inspectors from the Building Department of this building jurisdiction". Yes, but The building inspections are not looking at the quality of the work, only checking for code violations which isn't the same thing.

It's better to find anything the builder over looked prior to closing because you can then include the inspectors findings on your punch list of things to be completed before closing. Once you close, it can be a challenge to get some builders back out to address the problems. Some builders are better than others but none are perfect and neither are the contractors that they hire. Most issues are minor but you want those issues to be handled by the builder, not you. And if there is something major, you want it to be their problem. Once you close, your priority level drops.

I recommend getting two inspections if possible, one before the drywall goes up (pre-drywall inspection) and the second when the home is complete, (but prior to your walk-through & closing). It is better to have the inspection done to catch anything that they may have missed in the building process and have it taken care of prior to closing. Otherwise you may be paying for it on day 366. Purchasing a home warranty after that first year is also a great investment to protect you even further.

Don't roll the dice, Play it safe and call me for a "Pre-Close Inspection". I have inspected many new homes from Parker Colorado to Erie Colorado and welcome your call to discuss performing your New Home Inspection.

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