Furnace Maintenience

Furnace maintenience, especially as the furnace ages is very important for both safety and proper function.  Most manufactures strongly suggest annual service. If you are purchasing a home you should ask the property owner(s) when it was last serviced. If you are unable to determine the last service date or documentation is not provided of this, or if this system was serviced more than one year ago, a qualified heating and cooling contractor should inspect, clean, service and certify the entire system including the heat exchanger for safety, proper function and operation and check for proper clearances at the vent pipe (non high efficiency units). Some HVAC service technicians may suggest installing a new electronic igniter as a preventive measure, depending on the age of the furnace or if the igniter appears to be the original. This servicing should be performed routinely in the future, preferably just before the heating season begin.

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