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David A. Keating
Certified Master Inspector
Denver's Best Home Inspection 
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My career in the Home Building Industry began in 1970 working with all the tools of the trade as an apprentice employed by a small town Home Builder, learning every facet of the Home Building process. I experienced the industry in the most ideal way, working up through the ranks to top management positions with "National Builders" including the development of raw land that encompassed all related infrastructure to support the community. My experience was aquired in a way that only a few are as fortunate to realize, and that is, "Hands On" continuous experience in the same industry since the begining of my life long building career.

    Since 1980 I have Maintained a Class "A" Building Certification.

A Class "A" Certification is Required for Constructing Buildings
of 4 or More Stories. Certification/Registration #1006833.


Performing Inspections for a Denver Structural Engineering Firm  not only provides me with the first hand knowledge of what is necessary for sound building practices but also the opportunity to resolve structural problems and failures that can
occur in homes, especially over a period of time.

Unlike those who present themselves as home inspectors and offer bargain rates to the unsuspecting  buyer searching for a "cheap inspection", Home Inspection is my ONLY business. I am a Full Time Home Inspector and when experience and credentials are considered, no one offers more value to the soon to be “Well Informed Buyer”.



With over 35 years experience in the Home Building Industry you can be sure your Home Inspection Report will reflect this extensive background and knowledge in each and every facet of the report


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