The  Inspection for an average sized home takes 2 to 3 hours at the site, (larger or older homes may require additional time) and an additional 2 to 3 hours back at our office to input the data into the Report. While we are very flexible to accomodate your schedule,  an Ideal start time for an inspection is about 8 am. We begin by Inspecting the exterior which usually takes about an hour,  next the basement level then on to the living areas including the attic,  and the final stage ending with the garage. 
Many Clients ask that we call them about 30 minutes to an hour before we conclude the inspection so they can be there just as we are finishing up.  We will point out in person those deficiencies and their applicable; "What-Where & Why", so you know first hand how they effect the home and what measures should be taken to correct the deficiencies. Usually the time of completion is around noon, so if you meet me there later in the morning, we can go over the Inspection issues during Your lunch hour. By starting the inspection around 8 am in the morning, it allows us to return to the office, input the data to your report and provide it to you by the end of business hours that same day. 
If Your schedule does not allow you to meet us at the Home or there are time constraints, Don't worry!  The "Same Day Report" contains   a detailed description of any deficiencies as well as  precise annotated digital photos so you will know and understand exactly each issue, so it's NOT MANDATORY that You be present. Whats more, you can forward the Report or any portion of it, identifying and showing the deficiencies with the digital photos to the Seller, their Agent or Your Serviceman eliminating any confusion or communication gaps that can happen all to frequently in phone conversations. Most Importantly, After The Inspection We are only a phone call away to answer any questions that You, the Seller, your Agent, your Lender, your Serviceman or whomever may have, so take advantage of our Over 35 Years of Home Building Experience!  We want you to know when you have selected DENVER'S BEST HOME INSPECTION, you have selected the best service available in the Parker, Aurora, Centennial, Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree, Littleton and the entire Denver and metro area.




 Exterior:   Grade and Drainage

                   Components-Siding-Masonry-Soffits-Facia & Trim 
 Roof:        Flashings-Gutters and Drainage-Layers & Application
 Structural: Basement-Foundation-Crawlspace-Floor & 
                                                                                      Roof Systems

Heating:   Furnace-Gas Piping & Leak Detection-Venting- Fan
                  Combustion Air-Thermostats-Ducting-Filter Placement

 Cooling:   Evaporator Coil-Condensate Piping-Refridgerant Lines
                  Condensing Coil-Differential Temperature Reading

Plumbing:  Water Supply Piping-Pressure Regulator-Pressure  
                   Relief Valves- Main Gas Piping and Distribution-Water
                   Heaters-Temperature Pressure Relief Valve-Discharge
                   Piping-Waste & Drainage Piping-Water & Waste Pipe
                   Disposer-Laundry Area-Exterior Faucets

 Electrical: Main/Sub Panels-Problematic Brand Names-Breakers
                   Panel Wiring Observations-Mutiple Wire Lugs-                              Ground Wiring-GFCI Outlets

 Fireplace: Exterior Chimney-Interior Facing & Firebrick

Interior:    Doors-Windows-Walls-Ceilings-Cabinets-Hardware
                   Floor Coverings-Hardwood-Tile-Other Finishes 

Attic:         Insulation-Framing-Ventilation-Plumbing Vents
                  Exhaust Ducts-Problematic Insulation
                  Indications of Moisture

Garage:     Foundation & Slab-Structure-Firewall Separation
                   Overhead Door Function & Safety

Water Quality
For Homes with a Private Water Supply (well)

 Water Sample & Flow Test (upon request) can be Tested 


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